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Cultural program
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Corporate Mission:To improve technology and promote development of the industryCorporate Spirit:  To collaborate closely, to be innovative and to execute effectively 

Core Value:  To learn, to make progress, to be responsible, to be loyal and grateful 

Corporate Philosophy

Business Philosophy: To put customer first | To collaborate on a win-win basis | To fulfill responsibility of environmental protection | To give back to the society  

                        Management Philosophy: To work collaboratively | To win by quality | To care and love employee | To learn for advancement  

Quality   Philosophy: TO  participate  with whole staff/To win the market with quality 

Team   Philosophy:To collaborate closely/TO communicate effectively/TO assume responsibility together/ TO share achievements

Caring for the employees

Texwinca considers every employee as an important asset and gives the staff infinite care and development opportunity, committing to enhancing the quality of life for employees.